Tips for a happy spine and nerve system this silly season

1: Monitor your sugar intake

The aim of inflammation is to defend the body against bacteria, viruses, and other foreign invaders, it removes debris and help’s repair damaged tissue. Inflammation is a great and accurate response from the body for short periods of time. However if the body is in an inflamed state, too much or a high sugar intake not only increases the level’s of inflammation in the body but can also slow down the healing process.

The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition warns that “processed sugars trigger the release of inflammatory messengers called cytokines.”

Sugar goes by many names so look out for any words ending in “ose” eg: fructose or sucrose on ingredient labels.

Increases and decreases in your blood sugar level also cause spikes in the release of insulin (needed to break the sugar down) and elevated insulin levels further drive up inflammation and pain. We know there are lots of yummy treats around at this time of the year but try balancing out the chocolate with lots of healthy fats found in avocados and nuts and keep your plate full of colourful vegetables.


2: Keep moving

Joints adore movement! Moving our joints helps to pump the synovial fluid which acts like engine oil. The golden rule of move it or lose it applies. Choose exercises that have low impact like walking, cycling, swimming and strength training. You can also add in ‘Straighten Up New Zealand Exercises’ daily. Follow this link

3: Increase water intake

Drinking water has so many wonderful benefits for our body along with flushing out toxins, boosting immune system function and improving skin complexion. The cartilage between your joints is made up of approximately 60% water so staying hydrated during those long hot summer days helps to maintain correct shock absorption within your joints whilst helping keep joints lubricated and muscles more elastic so joint pain is less likely.

Have a look at this great calculator to determine if you are currently drinking enough water

4: Pre-Book your New Year adjustment

Having your next spine and nerve system check pre-booked will keep you on your recommended schedule and ensure you keep functioning at your absolute best so you can participate in all those fun summer activities. Either book below or phone 09 360 0280


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