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About Chiropractic


For over 123 years chiropractors have been optimising and maintaining the function of the most vital communication system within your body. The Nerve System.

This consists of your brain, spinal cord and nerves. Vital messages are continually being sent from the body to the brain, and brain to body. This communication loop allows your brain to respond to your bodies needs and adapt accordingly.

“Nature needs no help, just no interference.”

- BJ Palmer – Developer of Chiropractic -

Every function from movement, digestion, breathing, the ability to read these words, quality of sleep, the function of your immune system, how you deal and respond to stress and heal (to name just few…) is controlled and coordinated by the nerve system.

This amazing communication network is so important to overall health and function that the body protects it by encasing the brain in the skull and spinal cord in vertebrae. Most of the time these bones are great protectors but due to life’s stressors (Physical Stress, Mental/Emotional Stress and Chemical Stress on the body over time) the 24 movable spinal segments can become dysfunctional called a ‘vertebral subluxation’ and begin to interfere with the flow of information between the body and brain, brain and body.

Our Chiropractors locate and facilitate the correction of vertebral subluxation (areas of spinal dysfunction) using specific Chiropractic adjustments allowing your body to better adapt, thrive and flourish.



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