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Pregnancy is a beautiful process, but it does require a lot from both mum and baby.

Chiropractic care ensures that the brain and the body are well connected, so both mum and baby can go through pregnancy with ease. Changes in weight bearing as the baby grows puts increased strain and tension on the mother’s lower back and pelvis. By ensuring the pelvis and spine are stable yet flexible the baby is able to grow and develop in a comfortable environment.

A recent study published in 2016 stated that females under chiropractic care had increased function, control and relaxation of their pelvic floor muscles. This is essential when it comes to a confident and comfortable delivery.

“We love helping pregnant mums function at their best, so that the new family member can thrive from the start.”



Now more than ever before parents are seeking proactive lifestyle habits that will nurture their child’s health, development and wellness.

Through pregnancy and the birth process babies are placed under incredible amounts of stress. Research shows that up to 80% of babies have vertebral subluxation (spinal dysfunction) following natural deliveries affecting the nerves in the upper neck, which may contribute to compromised development and function.

Forceful delivery techniques such as the use of forceps and vacuum extraction have been shown to increase the risk of strain on the nerves in the neck of babies. The brain develops rapidly by 65% in the first year of life settling up the foundation for future learning and success & the spine growing the most in the first 5 years of life. Childhood is a vitally important time to ensure the spine and nerve system are functioning at their best allowing children to grow, heal and develop naturally.

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Our Chiropractors are trained to care specifically for newborns, babies, toddlers and children.


Family Wellness

No pain, no problem?

People often don’t think to look after their spine until there is pain or a problem.

 At Flourish we view chiropractic care as part of a wellness lifestyle much like cleaning your teeth twice per day, drinking plenty of water and getting regular exercise and enough sleep.

Often pain is one of the last symptoms your body will express to communicate that things are not functioning well.

 With your nerve system controlling and coordinating everything in your body, an incredible 45% of your nerves are dedicated to controlling and coordinating muscles (motor nerves), another 45% control and coordinate all the functions you don’t think about, such as breathing, heart rate, digestion, immune function and healing  (autonomic nerves) leaving only 10% of nerves relaying pain.

Our thorough examination of the spine and nerve system allow us to identify any areas of vertebral subluxation (spinal dysfunction) before you have to hold yourself back from living the life and performing the activities you love.

An optimally functioning spine and nerve system is essential to your overall health and vitality.



Symptoms are common but not normal.

At Flourish we look at symptoms differently. We think symptoms are GREAT! They are simply messages from the body trying to communicate that it is not functioning at its best. We then have a choice. Do we listen to these messages? Ignore them? Suppress them? Or correct the underlying cause of why they are appearing?

Signals your body may not be functioning at its best;

  • Lower Back Pain

  • Anxiety/Depression

  • Poor Digestion

  • Unsettled Babies

  • Headaches

  • Neck and Shoulder Pain

  • Poor Sleep

  • Low Energy