What your family can expect during visits


“While other professions are concerned with changing the environment to suit the weakened body, chiropractic is concerned with strengthening the body to suit the environment.”

- BJ Palmer – Developer of Chiropractic -


First visit

In depth gathering of current form and function

During this visit your Chiropractor will get to understand your current spine and nerve system function. We will discuss your concerns and your Chiropractor may ask questions to gain insight into why you may be presenting with a certain complaint.

We then perform a thorough assessment of your spine and nerve system including;

  • 10 Step Chiropractic Spinal Assessment

  • Postural Analysis

  • NeuroThermal Scan (allows us to measure the autonomic nerve system function)

  • sEMG Scan (allows us to measure the efficiency of the spinal muscles recording areas of hyper or hypo activity)

  • Spinal Range of Motion Testing

  • Referral for X-Ray (if indicated)


Second visit

Presentation of our findings and a care plan

Following your 1st visit your Chiropractor will have gained a lot of information about the current health and function of your spine and nerve system. This will be presented to you in a report where we will explain;

  • What we found

  • Why this has happened

  • Our care plan and recommendations

  • Your 1st Adjustment (if you would like to get started)


Adjustment visit

During these appointments your Chiropractor will check and adjust your spine where indicated using a range of techniques that have been selected to suit you, your bodies needs and comfort.


Progress visit

Reassessment time

Following a determined number of visits with your Chiropractor we re-perform the tests from your 1st visit so we can assess the changes and progress achieved under Chiropractic care and determine how to proceed from this point.


Our fees

Our fee schedule

  • Initial Consultation - $95.00

  • Adjustment Visit (Adult) - $55.00

  • Adjustment Visit (Child) - $40.00

  • Family Visit - $140.00



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